Yes! Gaspard offers on-site rentals the day of graduation. For undergraduates it is $70.00, for Ph.D. it is $80.00 ($110.00 for Ph.D with the beefeater cap). On-site rentals are first come first served and we may have a limited quantity of hoods and gowns available based on the number of on-site rentals per each ceremony. 

We apologize for this error message. It does not mean that you are unable to book your hood and gown, please just add an extra digit to your student number. This will not affect your rental or pickup, it just helps the system recognize orders. Pickup and rental are confirmed by full name, not student number. 

You should have received two confirmation emails from Gaspard when you originally booked your hood and gown.  

The first will be from Gaspard this contains payment information. If you have used a credit card other than your own, it will show on this confirmation. The academic dress will be onsite in your name. 

The second will be from Build-A-Grad. This confirmation contains all the necessary details regarding your rental, pick up, drop off, order number and amount paid if applicable, cancellation and refund information.  Please print these forms or bring them on your mobile device. 

If not, this may mean that your payment has not been fully process. Please contact Gaspard at 1-800-683-4771 Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (EST) or email us at

To better serve you, please include your name, institution name, order number and/or student number in your email. If leaving a phone message please include all of the information and speak slowly as we need to write down this information and want to return your call. 

All cancellations and refunds for the June 2024 ceremonies must be received before May 16th, 2024 at 11:59pm. 

All rentals will include a gown and a hood. Queen’s university regalia does not include a cap, except for Ph.D regalia which can include a beefeater cap if requested. 

Hood colours are organized by degree and program.

Day-of Convocation

Graduates must arrive 2 hours before their ceremony. 

8am for the 10am ceremonies. 

1pm for the 3pm ceremonies. 

Graduates will arrive at the King St. entrance and proceed to the indicated route. They must bring photo ID to check in with the Registrar’s Office before following directions to the hoods and gowns pickup.

You put your gown on like a sweater, with the zipper facing in the front. They are meant to be billowy, not tight fitting and fall roughly mid-calf.  

Here is a video explaining how to put on the hood.

We will have a booth with attendants set up at the King St. entrance to collect hoods and gowns.

You will have 1 hour after your ceremony to return your hood and gown.

Yes, but you MUST return your hood and gown to the Slush Puppie Place within an hour after your ceremony ends. If you fail to make this deadline, you will have to ship your returned hood and gown to Gaspard yourself.

You will have to contact Gaspard directly for their mailing address and mail the hood and gown directly to Gaspard. If the hood and gown is not returned, a deposit will be charged to your payment method by Gaspard. 

On the day of convocation, please proceed to on-site rentals where we will do our best to provide you with the proper regalia.

Proceed to on-site rentals where we are happy to help and replace your hood and/or gown.